Write Better Content Using The Hourglass Method


The Hourglass Method is not what you think. It has nothing to do with putting yourself on a timer and check how much content you can write in an hour. It is, rather a way to visualize the shape your … [Read more...]

Google up for Guest Blogging Penalties – Learn how to avoid them


Following up with Matt Cutts and other Google reps we now know that Google wants "nofollow" tags to be embedded in the Guest posts, else they are going to hunt and bring down your blog with Guest … [Read more...]

Setup Google Alerts for Content Writing and get the hot topics in trend

google alerts for content writing

"What am I supposed to write next?" A common question which most of the content writers and bloggers face on a regular interval of time. Content Writing has its own challenges like any other … [Read more...]

Free Google Adwords Coupons worth $75 – July 2013


Save $75 by using the Free Google Adwords Coupons Every month Google and its partners offers various timely and country specific promotional codes for new Adwords customers.¬†In today's blog post we … [Read more...]

4 SEO Best Practices to follow for better ranking in 2013

SEO for 2013

With the possibility of next PR update coming soon, in this post we are going to list out the SEO Best Practices which have been the same from the early days of SEO until now. These are the immutable … [Read more...]

Mobile SEO – 5 Things To Know before you start

Mobile SEO

From the time smartphones (specially android and iphone) started taking off, Mobile SEO began to get progressive attention. Today, with majority of mobiles being smartphones, Mobile SEO became more … [Read more...]

5 On Page SEO elements to boost your ranking in 2013

SEO for 2013

To influence search engine ranking for a web page, ON Page SEO is must. Optimizing the web page using On Page SEO will make sure that the web page is relevant and is¬†delivering up the need of readers … [Read more...]

Effective Content Writing – Step by step guide for naive writers

content writing ideas

Content is the KING. For effective content writing the first thing you need to keep in mind is to check whether your content is delivering up the need of readers what they are searching for. The … [Read more...]

WebNShare – First Post

WebNShare - Founder

Welcome to WebNShare. Our first blog post will introduce us to you and an will provide an idea about how and what we are going to blog about. Hi, I am Sarang Dravid, Systems Engineer in Infosys Ltd … [Read more...]