Google up for Guest Blogging Penalties – Learn how to avoid them

Following up with Matt Cutts and other Google reps we now know that Google wants “nofollow” tags to be embedded in the Guest posts, else they are going to hunt and bring down your blog with Guest Blogging Penalties.Matt-Cutts-View-On-Guest-Blogging

Many of the bloggers think Guest Blogging as a win win situation for all, as it provides in-bound link juice for their website and the blog where their guest blog is published gets free unique and relevant content and also the out-bong link juice. On the contradictory part Google knows that these bloggers are spamming their links to appear natural with high PR blogs which is a sure shot reason for google to mark them for guest blogging penalties.

We have seen most of the blogs which allow guest blogging opportunities saying that “We allow well written articles to be published on our site which relates our niche but you can add only a couple of links in the author bio”. Per Matt Cutts, it violates Google Link Schemes, as this process is giving a free link in turn of something(some article) and is against Natural Link Building.

Below is the video by Matt Cutts explaining “Google’s View on Guest Blogging for Links”

How to Avoid Guest Blogging Penalties

To answer the above question, I have done research on various authority blogs, google webmasters, been through discussions in SEO forums and came up with few points which I suggest you to jot down and go through before you out on writing a new blog post or allowing one on your blog which in turn will save you from guest blogging penalties.

Point 1. Stay Away from Garbage

We are using the word Garbage here for various low quality articles created with article spinners or various black hat tools which guarantee the article to be 100% plagiarism free. Google is evolved with time and so is their continuously updating algorithm. Spammy articles, 300 words stories and all other low quality content comes under the term Garbage. My recent study over Fiverr tells me that there are hundreds of gigs available such as 5 unique articles for $5 or spinning your article and submitting it at thousands of sources like static link generators and via blog comments to provide you more link juice. Outsourcing such work for your blog or for your guest blogging services is a strict NO-NO and as stated in the heading my suggestion is to STAY AWAY to avoid Guest Blogging Penalties. Remember the rule “CONTENT is KING”.

Point 2. Author Bio is not the place for Unnatural Links

Seriously, you own a high PR blog with all the natural links you earned through out these many years and now that is going away just because you are letting your guest authors associate their homepage url in the author bio section.

Where comes the unnatural linking here? If that is your question, just think if I am writing a guest post and linking the phrase “Top 10 SEO companies” to my homepage with my author bio, you will get the answer. Such unnatural linking can make you suffer from guest blogging penalties. Same unnatural linking goes for the Blog where you are publishing this blog post. The win-win stuff is getting contradicted here itself.

Point 3.  Treat your Guest bloggers as Family

So my second point suggests you not to put the author’s unnatural links to the bio section, but you still want to allow your readers to know about the author, his work area, personal blog, etc. and also make yourself safe from guest blogging penalties. The easiest way is to make the guest blogger a part of your blog family and it will simply allow you create more natural links and more inbound as well as outbound juice will flow for both the blogs. You can do it in various ways like creating an author page for the guest author containing all his links, his information, social media connections and a complete descriptive bio of the author and linking the author page link to the author bio section.As an example SEOMOZ do it the same way and will still be getting more Google love with their next updated, below is a screenshot from the recent moz blog post:
moz guest post

Moz is linking the author profile page and is also adding the disclosure regarding the authority of the post. In this way, staying away from the guest blogging penalties, MOZ is telling Google that the post is written from the MOZ family and is also providing authority of the post to the author.

These points will not only help you avoid Guest Blogging Penalties but will also help you in the following various ways:

  • Using these steps with guest blogging will still make more people a part of your blog.
  • Bigger the blog family, bigger the list of comments on your blog.
  • More comments bring more free and unique content to your page.
  • Increases the value and the rank of the blog post.

With the next update coming soon, if you follow these steps Google will still love your blog, but if you are ON with the garbage, you are surely going to be devalued. Let us know how you feel about this article, we love comments and criticisms. Tell us if you have any better ideas to keep safe from Guest Blogging Penalties and we will love to add it to the article with your credits.

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Author Sarang Dravid has started blogging since his graduation from RGTU in 2008. He started with a Technical Blog in 2008 and is now founder of multiple technical and IM blogs. His expertise includes Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Technical Writing. To know more about him follow on twitter/facebook/google+


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